Home Buying Advice

Here are some things to watch out for when purchasing a home.

Must you purchase?

Britain would win the World Cup of house price inflation. However, consumers must pause and consider what, when, and when to buy.

Instead of panicking over housing costs or succumbing to the “must-own, must-own” mindset prevalent in the UK, buyers should focus on whether purchasing is both economical and the best course of action in the long run.

Take no more than they will loan you.

Before you start looking for a house, find out how much you can borrow. But don’t only rely on what lenders say about your ability to repay a loan. After all, if you have trouble making payments, some people may gladly provide you credit cards to make up the difference.

Free tools for determining the price of a house

The internet has developed into a wealth of knowledge to research any property. Previously the domain of brokers and agents, price information is now freely available when done properly.

Try sold-price real estate websites like Nethouseprices and Zoopla to find out how much any home sold for going back a few years.

How to raise your credit score

Before submitting a mortgage application, be sure your credit reports with the major agencies are accurate.

Small errors can lead to rejection. For instance, having active accounts registered to outdated or incorrect addresses can have serious consequences. Check your credit reports to make sure all active accounts—even those that are old and unused—are registered at the proper address.

Principled mortgage arrangement

Most lenders only offer “mortgages in principle” if you don’t already have a property (MIP). This gives you a rough idea of how much you can borrow, assuming you can find a suitable house within a certain amount of time.

Investigate the neighbourhood

No matter how luxurious the apartment, MoneySavers agree that location is important. A house cannot be relocated, but it can be improved.

So walk around the neighbourhood looking for hints. Visit the parks and bars at various times during the day. Are the autos in good condition and clean? What about the nearby stores? Do walls have graffiti on them?

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