What are Garbage Pail Kids Cards?

The Topps Company created a line of sticker trading cards called garbage pail kids cards are great to collect as a spoof of the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls that were popular at the time. Each sticker card depicts a Garbage Pail Kid figure with a witty wordplay character name, such as Adam Bomb or Blasted Billy, and a comical oddity, deformity, or suffering a horrific agonising fate or death. Each card came in two forms, each with the identical artwork but a distinct character name, indicated by a “a” or “b” letter following the card number. The character, its nameplate, and the GPK logo are die-cut out of the sticker fronts so that they may be removed from the backing by themselves. The backs of many of the cards are puzzles that come together to make enormous murals, and the contents of the flip-sides vary considerably between the many series, from comic strips to funny licences and accolades to, in more recent releases, funny Facebook profiles. Regular trading cards were published in 15 original series (OS) in the United States, and different sets were published abroad. Additionally, two large-format card editions and a collection of fold-out posters were made available. A Brand-New Series was announced for 2012, with Brand New Series 2, Chrome S1, and BNS3 following in 2013; All-New Series sets were first released in 2003; Flashback re-releases started in 2010; and a Brand-New Series was announced for 2012.

garbage pail kids cards are great to collect

Some of the best Garbage Pail Kids Cards to own :

If you’re a serious card collector, you should put these GPK cards on your list. These cards have been arranged in order of decreasing value and increasing popularity, starting with the most sought-after and valuable cards. The majority of them will be from Series 1, but there are also some cards from 1985’s Series 2 and other, later sets featured here (none from the 2021 Food Fight set, as of yet). When you consider this card series, Adam Bomb might be one of the first Garbage Pail Kids cards that comes to mind.