How Do I Get Really Cheap Shipping?

Shipping rates can be expensive, and everyone knows it. A lot of retailers use the tactic of setting a price for ‘free’ shipping that is actually more than their physical product cost. You’ve likely seen this with companies where the item is in stock and there’s no shipping charge, but the price of the item is $5 when you add Perbandingan layanan dan ongkir sicepat bandung to your order.

Third Party Shipping

If a company is shipping their own products, you can often get free shipping through the use of 3rd party shippers like DHL or UPS. Be sure to search for the best deal, and check for availability in your area. For example, UPS or FedEx will often deliver to a local mailbox store that you can pick up from yourself. This is free and doesn’t require an additional trip to an actual UPS/FedEx location.

Groupon Sales

Groupon is a popular deal site where you can often find local deals for restaurants and other related purchases. A lot of these are for delivery, and are not only nice because you can now order without leaving the house, but you also save money on delivery.

Buy One Get One Free (BOGO)

Some stores offer this as an incentive to buy their products in bulk, or get more of a product for the same price by getting both items for one low price.


While coupons are not always found for shipping costs, these can be incredibly useful for lowering the price of an already low priced item. For example, if you buy a $3 item with free shipping, you often save more money on the actual cost of the product than on the shipping cost.


Buy in Bulk and Split Shipping Costs

Sometimes there are items that are out of stock at a local retailer, so you order it online, but then they go out of stock online as well. What you can do is look to buy a package of 4 or 10 items for the same price, and then splitting the shipping costs in half. This often works out to be a more cost effective way to get several items on hand.

Credit Card Points

If you have credit card points saved up from using credit card rewards, you might be able to use those in combination with this strategy. The value of the points will vary depending on the company and what you are buying, but it can be a great way to save money on shipping.

Check Catalogs

If you have access to catalogs, check the return policies and look for items that come with free shipping or extremely low shipping costs. Often times things that are used in conjunction with other items will be shipped for free as well. This can work well for more expensive item that you might want to buy in bulk.