Sofa Covers – Changing the Way Sofas Look

Change the way you decorate your living room by transforming a couch with a sofa cover. Protect your furniture, refresh its look and create a new style. Sofas are an inexpensive way to change the complete look of your home and increase its appeal. Made from durable materials, these fundas de sofá are easy to clean and will stay looking fresh for many years as you continue to make them part of your family’s everyday life.

The Right Fit

When shopping for a sofa, the fabric is often the most important decision. Your covering should complement or contrast with the sofa’s current fabric while maintaining its original style. A sofa cover can revive a sofa and keep it looking new even when it is no longer affordable to replace it.

Protecting Your Investment

Fabric sofas and loveseats are more likely to get dirty than other furniture. While cleaning them can be a snap, stains and other wear-and-tear on the upholstery should not be ignored. Protecting your entire living room with a sofa cover will help keep your furniture looking its best.

Fundas de sofá

The Look You’ve Been Looking For

If you have spent years decorating your home, chances are you already have a style in mind that suits you and yours. Maybe the couch is too old to ever look glamorous, or the sofa is just plain ugly. Whatever the reason, a sofa cover can help you freshen up the style of your home. Add color, pattern or texture with a new design in one easy step.

Coordinating Your Cover with Your Décor

Sofa covers are not only protective – they also provide a great way to complete your look and match your décor. Coordinated patterns and fabrics give your living room even more personality and character. Many fabric options are available including velvet, cotton, suede and even leather. Choose a fabric that suits your tastes and fits your home’s style.

Protecting Your Health

The surfaces of sofas are made from materials that can easily collect dust and germs, something you may not always notice. It is easy to forget how much time you spend on a sofa when you are curled up reading a good book or watching television with the family. A sofa cover will protect the fabric of your couch and keep it clean. This is especially important if you have anyone in your home who is ill or has allergies.

Easy to Maintain

Sofa covers are easy to care for and can be machine washed for easy cleaning. They also provide great monthly vacuuming protection. Instead of worrying about spills, dirt, stains, pests and allergens on your couch, you can just pull off the cover and throw it in the wash.