What is Better Quality – Rubber or Vinyl Pressure Washing Hose?

Out of all of the disparate components and elements that you would need during a pressure washing task, there is a pretty good chance that your hose will simultaneously be the most under the radar and vital component of the total apparatus. This is because of the fact that your pressure cleaning performance can be made either better or worse based on the hose you decide to use, but despite this not all that many people think about hose type.

There are two basic types of hoses that you can look into, namely rubber and vinyl ones. If you want to do the best pressure washing possible, the truth of the situation is that you need to go for rubber hoses due to the reason that they are more durable as well as more flexible. The main problem with vinyl is that it has a tendency to crack under certain settings, which means that you would be restricted in terms of taking the pressure levels all the way to the max which can hinder your attempts to clean things like concrete.

Vinyl can seem more durable at a first glance, but the fact of the matter is that what you are assuming is durability is actually little more than rigidity. A rigid hose is liable to break regardless of how carefully you use it, so it’s better to go for rubber right off of the bat instead of trying to be experimental. You can try both hose types out of for yourself if you are having a hard time trusting what we have to say about things. This will give you more practical experience with them.