Know all about the day care is where the kids are taught

with a collection of materials, resources, and activities, designed to review and learn some skills or concepts. The atmosphere where the learners can be the same and mixed ability. Encouraged with active participation. It is totally individualized learning with a group of learners. Learning is an important part of a child’s life. Kids start learning from childhood and continue throughout their lives. They need to show interest in creative and jazz things. Learning should be fun, engaging, and interactive.

 Learning centers provide:

 Variety of criteria to arrange the students with all facilities. all activities around the students. Opportunities are provided by the students to pursue their own interests.

Establish a clear system for the kids for making choices and learn in the centers.

Few things to be adopted in the centers:

Use a planning board or choice of chart for children’s

Daily track the children’s choices and note them.

Always vary the materials or games in the learning center.

Observe the children at work and talk with the to encourage and determine.

Ensure that there is room for children 3 to 5 members for the activities.


Reading center:

Where the kids read and enjoy the stories or talk about the stories.

Listening center: listening to the children’s songs and ideas, Rhymes, etc.

Writing center: with lots of writing basic words with the creativities.

Drama center: with all the drama costumes toys and kids’ pieces of equipment.

Math center: playing with numbers will be one of the fun games.

Block center: building blocks will help the kids to increase their IQ level.

Science center: the science center will be exploring all observatory things.

Board games: lots of board with snake and ladder, monopoly, chess.

Sand and water center: water games with the toys and sand activities with mixed toys, and sand tasks.

Music center: playing music with and listening to the music with the choir.

Art center: the art center is where the kids can enjoy all types of arts and colors.

The best way to teach kids with fun and engaging children is through hands-on activities involving playing. List the activities and games that make kids learning fun and interesting. Learning activities are a great way to enhance a child’s cognitive and physical development to improve their knowledge.