Pop-Up Display Printing Singapore – Flaunt Your Business Today!

Pop-up displays are portable frames that convey the same idea, message, and information about events and marketing sources for businesses. They are made in a way to attract the attention of the onlookers. The frames are made using different materials, which are lightweight and sturdy. The basic process of the pop-up display starts with making graphic design. The graphic design suitable for the event is designed. Then the board material is chosen. This is followed by printing and finishing. You can take the help of any pop up display printing singapore to print the pop-up display.

What are the benefits of using pop-up displays?

It attracts the attention of the people. It helps to advertise your business creatively. You can explain to people the essence of your products or events with the help of the boards.

They are easy to carry anywhere. Hence, you can easily place the boards in different places.

You can use it at different events without destroying or changing it. This makes their use of pop-up display printing in Singapore very budget-friendly.

What are the materials used in making the frame of the pop-up display?

The frame of the pop-up display is an important part of it as it needs to stand still and be lightweight. The materials used in making of pop-up display frame are as follows:

PVC – It is a lightweight material that is suitable for any weather. This makes it an ideal choice for pop-up display painting. UV printing and dye-sublimation are the painting techniques used to print the graphics and information.

Pop up display printing singapore

Polyester: This material is lightweight, which makes it easier to carry anywhere. This makes it a good choice for pop-up printing.

Fabric: the material is easy to lift and handle. At the same time, it can be washed to clean off the painting. It makes the material reusable and budget friendly.

Different types of pop-up display frames

The shape and size of the pop-up display are customized as per requirements. A few examples of the shapes of pop-up displays are as follows:

There are curved-shaped pop-up displays. The curve shape gives a 3-D look to the graphics printed on it, making it more live.

Led lights are used to highlight the display even in the dark. The use of the light makes the display and the graphics on it even more attractive.

A straight board is used in most events. It takes attention from the frame and helps highlight the information and graphics on the board.

So what are you waiting for, then? Now that you know a lot about pop-up display printing, ensure you use it to your optimum profit.