Instagram algorithm explained- how it affects your follower count

It is the leading photo and video-sharing platform worldwide. More than one billion people use it monthly, making it a leading social media platform worldwide. As a result, Instagram has become a popular tool for promoting businesses and personal brands. Follower count is one of the most influential metrics people use to judge their success on Instagram.

Basics of Instagram’s algorithm

Before we dive into how the algorithm on Instagram affects your follower count, let us first understand how the algorithm works. The Instagram algorithm refers to the technology used by the platform to determine what content appears on individual users’ feeds and when they see it. This means that not all posts from accounts you follow will appear in chronological order. As an alternative, based on various factors such as user behaviour, post engagement rate, and regency of posts; the algorithm decides which posts appear at the top of your feed. So even if someone has more followers than you do but does not publish regularly or get much engagement with their content- their posts won’t necessarily appear at the top of your feed. Now that we understand what an algorithm is and how it works let us move on to understanding how it impacts our follower counts.

Post engagement includes likes, comments, shares & saves because these signals signal to Instagram that a piece of content resonates with its audience, thus making it more likely for this post to be shown higher in other users’ feeds as well. This implies that if you have high levels of engagement on your posts regularly, you will be more likely to attract more followers. Thus, it is crucial that your content reaches your target audience and encourages engagement. The algorithm also prioritizes recent posts. The latest post from accounts you follow will appear first on your feed. It’s imperative to stay vigilant when maintaining keeping up with Instagram’s algorithm. Instagram takes into account what users interact with or engage with on their platform this includes likes, comments & shares. Users will likely continue to see similar content in their feeds if they engage with a particular type of content frequently. Influencers and businesses seeking free Instagram followers will want to ensure their posts are seen by people who are interested in what they have to offer.  By sharing relevant and high-quality content consistently, you ensure that the right audience sees your posts which helps grow your follower count over time. Using hashtags is an essential component in Instagram’s algorithm as they increase discoverability and expand reach beyond just those who follow you. If used correctly, hashtags help get new eyes on your content thus potentially attracting new followers.