Selling Your House During a Job Relocation

Are you contemplating a major career change and wondering when it would be time to sell your house? Have you started considering closing the deal but put off moving those first boxes to your new residence? Here are some tips on selling your home during a job relocation.

Determine If You Can Afford To Sell

Before browsing real estate listings, take into account whether selling your house during a relocation makes financial sense. Perhaps there is an emotional attachment to the home or are worried that selling during a job transition will be too much work. Instead of simply browsing listings online, take some time out and create a comprehensive list of all costs associated with selling. Include all expenses related to both selling and moving your home; add another 10% for extra fees like advertising or closing costs. If you’re only making one mortgage payment each month and haven’t made other major purchases yet, selling your house during a job relocation might be possible. Learn about our privacy policy by clicking here:

Get All Your Documents Organized

Even if there’s no need to postpone selling the home during a job relocation, it never hurts to be prepared in advance. Storing all important documents in an attic or basement could result in their being missed before closing on the property; or, it could create issues with buyers if they don’t understand how the title works. Even if it isn’t necessary, make sure all current titles and warranties are organized before selling your house.

Before Selling Your Home

Prior to selling your house, it is wise to reach out to both your lender and all local utilities. Determining who will pay the bills during a job relocation can be important; in states where real estate is exempt from property taxes, there may be some outstanding assessments that must be paid prior to closing on the deal. Furthermore, if the house belongs to an estate, additional paperwork or fees may need to be completed in order to complete closing on the deal.

Price It Appropriately

Pricing your home during a relocation can be one of the biggest obstacles. Many people set their asking prices too high and end up losing several months’ income until they become desperate enough to reduce it. You don’t want this to happen! As stressful as moving already can be, don’t add extra stress by trying to sell for too much money.