Buying a home represents a turning point in everyone’s life .

To “start off on the right foot” and to proceed in a sensible and fluid way, it is good to make some decisions right away. Among the first fundamental steps, in addition to identifying the budget and the area of ​​interest, there is the need to choose between a private individual and a real estate agency .

In this content, we highlight the relative advantages and disadvantages to get a clear picture of the situation and to avoid unpleasant surprises along the way

What are the first steps in buying a home?

To have clear ideas and to select the most suitable solutions, it is good to identify the following elements:

The budget

The area and the neighborhood

The type of property (studio, four-room, terraced house, etc.)

If it is better to contact a private individual or a real estate agency directly

Buying a house from a private individual or from an agency: what to know

The choice between private or real estate agency is as important as it is demanding, because both ways have advantages and disadvantages.

It is a decision that must be taken immediately, because it impacts costs, the convenience of the various operations that will follow, the documents to be prepared and the selection of properties.

How do you buy a house without an agency?

Going directly to a private individual is the way to buy a house without an agency. Among the pros of this choice are:

price negotiation;

the speed and immediacy of the transaction;

the absence of costs destined to the agency.

Buying a house through a real estate agency: the pros and cons

Those who rely on an agency have the following advantages :

continuous assistance for the preparation of documents and paperwork;

the agency carries out all the preliminary checks on the property (absence of mortgages, cadastral compliance, foreclosures, etc.);

more choice options and leaner management in all phases;

real evaluation of the cost of the house.

the autonomous preparation of the paperwork and documentation necessary to complete the transaction;

there is the risk of paying a much higher amount than the real market value;

lack of multiple options to choose from.