Tips to decorate your coffee table tray to make it more stylish

After choosing the perfect ottoman coffee table for your home and placing a coffee tray on it. If done right, decorating your coffee table tray can introduce real style to your interior.

Tips to decorate your coffee table

Decorating the coffee table needs some experience or creative thought. It helps to increase the style of the living space.

Choose a tray

Select a tray with a suitable size and color that matches your ottoman coffee table. The tray material should differ from the ottoman coffee table. So you can contrast the table and tray. The selected tray material should damage the surface of the table.

Decoration objects

Select some objects that coincide with the size of the coffee table. The objects should be placed on the table, and some space should be set aside for placing the coffee tray. Place some decorations like

  • Flowers
  • Plants
  • bowls
  • Books
  • Candles
  • Seasonal decor

Large White Gloss Coffee Table with Storage - Tiffany - Furniture123

Add greenery

The styling process includes adding greenery in some way. Choose tall objects and small plants that will be the perfect match for your table. Place a potted plant instead of changing the flowers often.

Add sculptural objects

This adds an artistic flair to your coffee table. Place a sculptural object on a book to give a stylish look to your table.

Right proportion

Find the balanced elements that are to be decorated on the coffee table. Look at the size and sectionals of the sofa and the table. Because a mismatch in size of table reduces the tables stylish look.

Use a box

In general, the coffee table holds everyday items such as remotes, keys, chargers, mobile phones, and newspapers. This destroys the beauty of your coffee table, so avoid this decorative box is placed on the tray to place these things in the box.

Add interest

If done right, decorating your coffee table tray can introduce real style by adding attractive interesting objects on the tables like cubes play thing and craft works.

When buying decorative materials at a shop for your tray, look at the quality of the item.